You don’t have to be a powerlifting champion, but a stylish man is smart enough to know that small workout wins can translate into better fitting clothes. Why? It’s a waste of time and money to trowl aisle after aisle of clothing stores to find the perfect Tee to fit your weird body shape.

Of course, we already know that working on those ‘showy’ muscles pays dividends in other ways, because they are the male equivalent of breasts, butts and legs. From an evolutionary perspective, the stronger you look, the better protection you provide, the more likely you get the girl. From a style perspective, you can finally fill out flaring sleeves and flatten the shirt bulge.

Since you’re making the commitment (we assuming) to look absolutely fit, handsome and just straight up sexy, get the following routines up and running. They won’t take up much of your time, trust.


Biceps & Triceps

We understand at every chance you get, you’d love to lift a glass of Bourbon Coke as an excuse to pop a bicep curl. Although it has been established that people find it hard to look away from 15-inch guns, biceps merely make up a third of your arms. The other two-thirds, no prizes for guessing, are your triceps. Start working on those tricep extensions, dips and diamond push-ups; they promise to add size and stretch sleeves.

Suggested exercise: Seated tricep extensions with dumbbells


Washboard abs

Abs of steel is something to die for. Girls salivate over them, guys treat it as a holy grail. Who could forget Emma Stone’s reaction to Ryan Gosling’s ‘photoshopped abs’? The great news is, despite what you think, everyone possesses a set of abs. Unfortunately, thanks to genetics or a double cheeseburger and coke diet, it is swimming under a layer of abdominal fats. Scrambling for 3000 crunches a day(CR7, anyone?) isn’t going to cut it too.

Aim for a mix of serious cardio and core workouts to torch the belly and carve a ripped midsection. If you can’t stand the thought of enduring yet another pavement pounding, think about how you won’t have to buy bigger sizes to hide your hanging paunch.

Suggested exercise: Swiss ball jackknife (Go for timed planks during your cool downs if you don’t have a Swiss ball)



Some women find obliques (side abs that enhances the V-lines) incredibly sexy. Case in point: Korean superstar Rain. Like an eight-pack, obliques are ridiculously elusive but once it takes shape, you’re almost guaranteed an instant sensation at Tanjong Beach when you play Frisbee without a shirt on.

Suggested exercise: Side planks with variations



Perhaps the most showy of them all, a wide sculpted chest gives a voluminous look to all your tops. The best part about compound exercises such as barbell bench press is how it recruits surrounding muscle groups like triceps, shoulders and upper back into action, saving you valuable time on isolation exercises. But that alone might not be enough to forge a chest to rival Thor’s. Follow this plan from Men’s Health for drool-worthy pectorals.

Forge An Iron Chest

Editor’s note: Although you hardly hear the ladies go “nice legs”, it would be most unwise to forego squats and deadlifts to power up your base – especially if you’re fond of wearing bermudas. It is far from flattering to look like you’re walking on stilts, you ‘triangle’.