If you spend a lot of time on social media – how rhetorical, of course you do. Then you should know Pinterest is teeming with recipes. And recipes for success when it comes to menswear. Before 2018 ended, they did a Google and published a prediction of the top 2019 style trends, based on search volumes. They are:-

  1. Cropped pants
  2. Corduroy
  3. Crossbody bags
  4. Neck scarves
  5. Light-wash denim
  6. Plaid pants
  7. Mismatched prints
  8. Vintage timepieces
  9. Quarter socks

We’re officially appropriating that list in the pinterest of how fly you should look the next 12 months. But not without giving it a Seriously Man twist in case you misappropriate it and end up more goof than smooth.

Quality Essentials, Fair Prices

When guys shop for menswear essentials, two problems often come up: cheap products don’t last long, and luxury brands are not sustainable for your wallet. The latter come with a lot of middlemen interference and mark-ups of 5 to 10 times the production cost to justify the brand power.

LivingWear Co, a local start-up, has arrived with a lean business model that keeps prices fair for premium daily essentials, while empowering Planet and People: the UltraSkin collection. The range of underwear retains peak levels of comfort using the latest Lyocell nanotechnology, while keeping mark-ups to a bare minimum – it’s almost as if you’re getting the good stuff directly from the supply chain itself.

Get in on the deets and the early bird specials before 9 January and start your new year with the right base layers.

Back To The Future Past

Nike Classic Cortez
Get it from: Nike stores
CLUB MONACO Slim-Fit Camp-Collar Printed Linen Shirt
Get it from: Mr Porter
UNIQLO Ankle Pants
Get it from: UNIQLO

Just ‘cos we’re moving into a new year doesn’t mean you have to leave past trends behind. In fact, the retro fashion train has stood the test of time and may just be your ticket to looking like a Vogue Hommes model.

Between the open button patterned shirts and relaxed fit pants we saw on men in the past year, you could throw in retro inspired sneakers for a good measure.

Vintage Watches

MVMT Voyager Watch – Rosewood
Get it from: Zalora

It’s a tale as old as time: watches are a staple for a dapper and stylish wardrobe, and vintage picks are bound to elevate your look. Nothing says ‘been there, done that’ more than rocking a sturdy, antique accesso-wrist.  

Light-wash Denim

Levi’s X Justin Timberlake 501 Slim Taper Jeans

You can never own too much denim, so it was said. If you must own a new pair to rough out the 2019 journey, make it a light-wash. It’s badass enough to leave an impression, and understated enough for you to still look effortlessly put-together.

The Fade

Men’s Low Fade Haircut

Hair maketh the man and while you should embrace any and all styles of grooming, fade haircuts are a surefire way to start the year right so you face challenges head-on. Pun intended.

Sling Bags

CRUMPLER Chronicler Messenger Bag
Get it from: CRUMPLER stores

To the side, front or back – no matter how you choose to rock a sling bag, it’s the current top pick for bag styles in 2019. Get to subbing out the backpacks for one of these instead.

Cropped Trousers

Massimo Dutti Slim Fit Textured Weave Chino Trousers
Get it from: Massimo Dutti

What was once a laughable mistake of buying pants too short is now a mainstream trend: ankle baring hasn’t lost its shine. Don’t be surprised to see The Boss roll up in the building with baring more leg than usual – it’s a trend that’s continuing to take over, in and out of office.

The Loose Quiff

Quiff it like Becks

The classic quiff is back for a 2019 update. Let’em strands run wild and slick it right back – the loose quiff conveys effortless and timeless style.

Living With Living Coral

MONTBLANC Meisterstück Braided Leather And Stainless Steel Bracelet
Get it from: Mr Porter

The Pantone colour of the year is the bright and bold living coral. When incorporating this colour into your outfits, be sure to tread carefully for it is not an easy colour to pull off. Opt to showcase the colour in more understated pieces if you don’t have the cojones to go full on coral – think socks, swim shorts or bracelets.