Have you read our Shirt of Great Fit guide from earlier this year? We made it abundantly clear that having fabric flare out at the sides (when tucked in) is one of the worst shirting crimes one could commit. Sporting ‘shirt fats’ is never a smart look – yes, not even if you have actual fats underneath. Unless you’re bringing retro back by being an intentional mis-fit, rectify this with a move that should punch up your look almost instantaneously: the military tuck.

Contrary to the name, it doesn’t exactly require military precision. I mean, it does help, but all you really need is 30 seconds and some practice. The result is a less frumpy shirt that adheres closer to your body, which translates into a more flush, fitting look. Your colleagues, for once, might even take a longer look at you and ask which gym you’ve been hitting.

Best of all, this simple tuck can save you from blowing your paycheck on an entirely new wardrobe. Shirts of unflinching quality and fit don’t come cheap, especially if you’re buying them in multiples for the Monday to Friday rotation.

Ironically enough, you didn’t hear about the military tuck in National Service. You heard it from us first.

Military Tuck: Instructions

  1. Pinch out the excess fabric at the sides.
  2. Fold inwards in half.
  3. Tuck it back into your pants.

Got an extra defiant shirt that keeps undoing your military tuck whenever you move about? We fashioned two more hacks for more staying power:

a) Tuck it into your underwear instead of your pants.

b) Go shopping.