Good morning/afternoon/evening, gentlemen. Today, let’s get schooled in the ABC’s (literally) of our Seriously Man ethos. Oxford has their own dictionary with the latest addition of “selfie” and even their lesser know cousin “Coxford” boast one of their own –filled with a lexicon of Singlish terminologies. We’re not sure if those guys have a Hokkien term for “selfie” yet.

Nevertheless, being a wordsmith blessed with a way with words, I’m not about to pass on an opportunity to publish a spankin’ new dictionary for your reference on what it means to be the ultimate gent. If you have to, take it as your personal bible and keep it close to you like you would a little black book. In the event that you’re craving for more, fret not. Give it little more time; our Seriously Man thesaurus is in the works.

– – –

A for… Awesome adj.
It’s much more than just a nonchalant reply to the “How are you’s”. It’s a way of life.

B for… Bros noun
They drink beer with you, play your crappy wingman and express their genuine affections with downright crude insults that sometimes involve your mum. No matter what, you know they’ll have your back. Besides change, bros are probably the only other constant.

C for… Cojones noun
Have the balls to stand up for what you believe in, and then take responsibility for the consequences.

D for… Debonair adj.
(Cue James Bond theme)

E for… Esquire noun
Makes a pretty good read on a lazy Sunday if you ever need inspirations to look debonair.

F for… Finesse noun
Handling delicate situations or a crisis with skill and cool composure. And style too, might I add. We like how the word sounds so smooth in itself.

G for… Gentleman noun
Tragically, it’s a lost art that desperately needs to be revived. Hence the birth of Seriously Man; it’s a classic approach to life that we embody and, ultimately, perpetuate. Did I mention it gets you the ladies too?

H for… Hustle adj.
This is us being practical; career largely defines a gentleman and for the better part of your life, get ready to sell out, pucker up, kiss ass and grind into late nights just to survive and make something of yourself. Alright now, it’s not as dark and horrifying as it’s made out to be. Seriously. On a lighter note, there’s probably a BMW convertible and The Sail apartment waiting for you at the end of the tunnel.

I for… Irresistible adj.
Because try as you might, the ladies can’t get their hands off a dapper, well-groomed and sexy beast of a gent that’s why.

J for… Joshing verb
Only because that’s the name of one of our smooth gents on Team SM. Alright, just joshing. Like what Oscar Wilde expounds in The Importance Of Being Earnest, it’s liberating not to take yourself too seriously, no?

K for… Knowledge noun
Knowledge is power. This is something useful to bear in mind for starters in case you decide to run for presidency one day.

L for… Ladies noun

M for… Manscaping verb
Having a daily grooming regime of washing, shaving and moisturizing is a basic essential. Brazilian wax is kinda overdoing it.

N for… Natural noun
Whether it’s sealing a million dollar biz deal, charming a hottie by the bar or netting goals over a recreational game of football, you do it effortlessly. Like a Natural.

O for… Outclass verb
To the point it leaves the other gents thinking: how does this guy do it? Like how Roger Federer leaves foes and fans alike spellbound on the court.

P for… P’s and Q’s noun
Poor etiquette, besides poor hygiene (take a bath already!), is the quickest way to turn a girl off. A little “please” or “thank you”, even to the waiter serving your table, goes a long way.

Q for… Refer to P.

R for… Ravishing adj.
Every gent should be equipped with appropriate complimenting skills, and not generic ones about shoes and dresses. She probably thinks you say the same to every girl you meet. The trick is to tailor a specific one just for her, and her only.

S for… Seriously Man noun
What, wait, that’s us!

T for… Tailored adj.

U for… Urbane adj.
Urbane is how every urban gentleman should come across.

V for… Vigor noun
Were you half expecting vendetta? Anyway, we got word that the legendary Casanova eats 50 oysters a day to keep his mojo at an all time high. We’re not sure what’s your take on OD-ing yourself on aphrodisiacs but we do know regular workouts and a nutritious diet is more than good enough to put you in a position (no pun intended) to keep the lady satisfied in bed.

W for… Wingman noun
Besides carpentry, changing tyres and grilling a ribeye steak, the ability to facilitate your good buddy’s process of getting lucky on a Friday night is quite possibly the unspoken, defining trait of a man.

X for… X-factor noun
The rhetoric about how you’re either born with it or you’re not is drivel to us. You don’t have to look so dashingly jaw dropping you’re dubbed an ovary detonator; as long as you’re successful in your own rights, have your wits about you and know how to work that great personality in you, you’ve got the X. The best part is, all these can be picked up.

Y for… Yellow Fever noun
The Asian gents are much, much more than the stereotypical kung-fu masters, math geeks and chopstick wielders. Seriously. Think the Four Heavenly Kings (during their prime, that is), Far East Movement, Storm Shadow and, well, us.

Z for… Zzz verb
A big no-no immediately after a round of sexercise. No matter how mind-numbingly crazy it was.