Yesterday, in light of Reader’s Digest’s Trusted Brands Awards gala, we put the feelers out on Instagram Story and polled readers on whether Seriously Man makes a trusted brand for good writing.

An overwhelming 81.9% voted ‘Hell Yeah’. To the remaining 18.1% who voted ‘No Way Jose’, Team Seriously Man says, no harm, no foul; everyone’s entitled to his/her own opinions, and there’s always room for improvement.

And some educated guesses:

1. Naysayers were voting under the influence;

2. ‘No Way Jose’ rolls off the tongue so well, naysayers were compelled to vote as such;

3. Naysayers have not gotten down to read our best works… which is pretty much every piece of work.

Obviously, humility is not our strongest suit. But wordsmithing is – we can’t emphasize any more the importance of writing well, both as an art and a hard skill.

Therefore, starting today, we’re letting you in to our metaphorical man cave and go behind the scenes of our creative processes, as well as what we have gleaned in the field of journalism. Maybe, just maybe, when you pick up the pen and follow #SeriouslyMan on the ‘Gram, you too, could score career highs, move hearts and shift tectonic plates with your written word.

Maybe, by then, we can finally rest easy knowing you can put your trust in us… to flip the bird at that 18.1 %.

Our #SeriouslyGoodWriting series takes place every week on @seriouslymansg