According to an iconic vigilante, it’s not who you are underneath but what you do (as your career) that defines you. Especially so for a gentleman. Some occupations give you stability and thus, a life as bland as pancakes without maple syrup. Some occupations requires you to take risks every single day, in exchange for what seems to be an exciting and rewarding life. And surely, plenty of attention from the ladies. That begs the question: what kind of occupation oozes raw sexiness? Team SM surveyed the men and women on the entire island (somewhat) to uncover the ultimate truth to our curiosity, and proceeded to┬áspend no little effort in designing this highly informative infographic that details what both camps think about the numero uno job according to 5 categories: Net Worth, Network, Dress code, Career stability and Charisma. Now that we have some pretty controversial results at hand, we’d dare to declare your definition of a hot job may not be what you think it is.