Surely there is not a dull moment with Team SM when one fine Tuesday morning, you find yourself leaping into the driver’s seat of a Lamborghini and blast off into the ride of your life.

Of course, that wouldn’t have happened without Dream Drive, in which the team there are serious about making your’s come true. Ms. Marilyn, General Manager of Dream Drive, welcomed us with open arms and ran us through the administrative process.

Here’s a little confession I only let up at the last minute: I am not a regular driver, and neither have I come close to driving a supercar.

Dream Drive is relatively new on the supercar rental scene having opened only in April this year. Located at level 1 of Suntec City, Dream Drive offers three selection to suit your fancy: Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, Audi R8 Spyder and the Maserati Gran Turismo Coupe. No prizes for guessing which of the three is highest in demand. Booking your drive is completely hassle-free; all you have to do is log on to the Dream Drive website and well, book it. According to the time and day of your convenience, of course. Following which, you’ll get a confirmation email and all that’s left is to turn up for your dream experience on time.

But why keep the good stuff to yourself? Dream Drive has gift vouchers you can purchase for friends and families alike if their birthdays are just round the corner. The vouchers are valid for 6 months.


While I was incredibly flustered on the inside, Ms Marilyn was, on the other hand, very much composed and professional. “Most people think the supercars will fly once you step on the accelerator, but it’s just like a normal drive. If a lady driver like me can do it, so can you.” Were my fears that apparent?


When it came down to it, it felt surreal. Yes, I am going to be driving one of the flagship models of Lamborghini. Will I come out alive to write about this? Will I (massive gasp) scratch it and get bankrupt by a possible compensation? My co-pilot for that morning, Mr Matthew, walked right up the driver’s seat and slotted the keys into the ignition. The Bull flared into life. I almost burst into tears. The V10 engines gave one hell of a mighty roar, and everything Marilyn said about how “it’s just a normal drive” went out the window.

Mr Matthew gave me a brief orientation of the slick leather dashboard. It took a little getting used to; it wasn’t like any other cars. I pushed the paddle shift by the side into automatic transmission, released the handbrake, and off we went.


In barely 3 seconds after the next traffic light turned green, I was hitting 78km/h along Esplanade Drive. I finally understood first hand why owning a supercar here in Singapore is considered utter and complete redundancy: with a traffic light every 10 meters, you’d be hard pressed to showcase what supercars are meant for. But I did get a pretty good kick out of it when the not-so-super cars automatically gave way, and construction workers dropped their bricks in admiration when I roared past. Essentially, it’s safe to say the Lamborghini makes you the king of the road.


Along the way, for some reason, Akon’s “Smack That” played in my head like an earworm that wouldn’t go away, and I was greatly tempted to ask every single person who ogled (at the ride, not the driver, much to my chagrin) “who’d wanna jump in my Lamborghini Gallardo?”

My initial intention to merely come out of this alive became bolder. Perhaps it was due to the fact that Mr Matthew had everything under control with his clear and reassuring instructions, I had half a mind to pull off certain stunts like a drift. If I knew how to, that is. The adrenaline was at an all time high during last few precious minutes, and all the initial concerns about my inexperience or how my height wasn’t suitable for manoeuvring a supercar (the bottom of the wheel jammed into my long legs) were gone with the wind.


I turned the Gallardo back into Suntec City and pulled up along the pick-up point. We were presented with a little surprise gift at the end of it: a certificate of completion. A rare medal of honor that says we have conquered a Lamborghini drive. Dream Drive certainly had their way of customizing a once in a lifetime drive to be remembered, besides getting you hooked onto the thrill in mere 10 minutes. With that said, it seems that Ms Marilyn and the Dream Drive team has effectively given me a new dream in life: own one of these bad boys at some point. If I can’t, well, I could always pull off a Grand Theft Auto, right?


This article is done in conjunction with Dream Drive in the lead up to the Singapore Formula 1 Night Race. You can check out ticketing info and race line-up here