Other than gelatos, Italy has some of the best fashion to offer. So, you can bet that there will be more than enough inspirations from the men’s Milan Fashion Week to make you want to do something about your nonexistent wardrobe. Or at least, it should make you so. However, fashion shows like that often feature pretty boys decked out in avant-garde, futuristic threads, and you suddenly find yourself feeling like you got time-machined to 2076. Your mind is clogged with confusion instead of buzzing with inspiration.

That’s what we, Team S.M, are here for. To clear the cobwebs for you and distill seasonal runway looks into understandable #OOTD’s suitable for our one and only season. The best part? You won’t need to be dropping thousands of dollars on such designer brands when we have equally stylish, street level alternatives for a fraction of the price. And a fraction of the exclusivity. When you get the hang of it courtesy of us, you can start balling like you belong.

Thank us later (now works too), stud.

Salvatore Ferragamo: Leather it up

Salvatore Ferragamo’s ready-to-wear Fall/Winter 2017 was debut by young designer Guillaume Meilland and suffice it to say, playing it safe can pay dividends sometimes. Everything about the collection is kept basic and classic –no overt swerves into the brazen experimental territory. Unless you are talking about the size of those leather backpacks, that is. Even so, it looks gorgeous, beaten only by those sleek aviator jackets.

We at Team S.M love backpacks for man bags. They are practical, distributes weight across your shoulders and shaves a few years off your actual age (you need that, admit it). While you don’t need a leather backpack big enough to haul a fridge, we figured the Adidas Originals option below would do nicely for your everyday lug-alongs. It measures slightly deeper than your average Adidas backpack, which means you have room for more than just your laptop and stinking gym gear.

Sure, it may be made of polyurethane, but it definitely doesn’t make it any less stylish. As you walk down the street and collect a trail of eyes on those retro catalogue prints, you can say you swerved a little harder than Meilland.

We also picked out a pair of Doc Marts, inspired by Ferragamo’s chunky-soled leather boots that made serious footprints all over the runway. Ferragamo may have gone big (if not, they would have to go home) on many of their items like the knitwear, quite literally. You, on the other hand, should stick to our cardinal style rule: Buy nothing but the Perfect Fit. Or in the case of this navy A&F crew neck sweater we picked, buy the muscled fit.

Back-to-school essentials unisex backpack from Adidas Originals
Get it from Adidas online, S$69

Core originals 8-eye boots from Dr. Martens
Get it from Zalora, S$229


Stitch crew sweater from Abercrombie & Fitch
Get it from Abercrombie & Fitch online, S$144

Ermenegildo Zegna: Massive chill vibes

In his big return as creative director, Alessandro Sartori debut a ‘Made to Measure’ fashion show that we feel would strike a chord with the resident lounge lizards. Or those who have the luxury of going to work everyday without being bound by a bloody dress code. If athleisure has been your thing, then you’re in luck. Continue to get comfortable with it. As documented by Zegna’s feature of relaxed jogger pants, hoodie tops and Tiziano sneakers, athleisure is still very much trending like a hot hash.

Remember, though, being comfortable doesn’t mean you slack off on the stylishness. There’s a reason why it’s called athleisure, damn it. Not just leisure. Your get-up have to signal some level of effort being put in. It should signal put-togetherness. Not I-just-got-up-from-the-couch-yawn kind of sloppiness.

Here’s how to steal the Zegna runway look with tapered Nike joggers, Timberland Chukkas and Adidas hoodie pullover shirt:

Slim-fit, tapered sweatpants from Nike.
Get it from Mr Porter, S$93


Amherst high top Chukka shoes from Timberland
Get it from Timberland stores, S$239

Fashion hoodie from Adidas Originals
Get it from Adidas online, S$119 (now S$89.25)

Emporio Armani: Leading man smart

Dark palettes, wide pleated pants and aviator styled shades headlined the Emporio Armani runway show. But Nick Jonas stole the show. Hence the following leading man pieces to lend you some formal A-lister creds, even if your face hardly looks like one.


Navy slim-fit Mélange trousers from Club Monaco
Get it from Mr Porter, approx. S$241

Aviators from Emporio Armani
Get it from Zalora, S$205

Gaville leather Oxford shoes from ALDO
Get it from ASOS, S$179.48