Grats on the grad, fellas. You’ve hurled your mortarboards and nailed the interview at that brand name start-up you think you’re going to love (“how would you describe yourself?”). The time has come for you to become part-breadwinner of the family, ball out at your first job, and at the same time, recoup that eyeball jabbing sum you loaned out for your very expensive business degree.

Damn, it’s actually pretty daunting when we put it that way.

We firmly believe that intellectual substance begs to be complemented with an impeccable style. It is a lesson that many developing professionals go through in their careers. We at Seriously Man want to expedite your learning curve; let this be the post-uni adulting essentials of how to distinguish yourselves from the rest of the idiots in the cutthroat corporate world you now reside.

Without further ado – the 10 essentials of an adulting starter kit to go with your CV.

Oxford Shirts

Having a rotation of well-fitted Oxford shirts with colour versatility is a sorely underrated attribute that all fresh grads should pay attention to. Armpit stained clubbing shirts are not allowed.

Have a Guy For Your Hair Maintenance

Having the right barber loyalty is quintessential in attaining a consistently satisfying haircut every turn of the month. Remember his/her name and treat him/her well. You’re submitting to a scissor-wielding person that can end your professional and social life if he/she wanted to.

Signature Fragrance

Making an impression on the people you meet while at work is not just limited to aesthetics. Get a cologne that matches your personality (or vice versa)!

Leather Messenger

Invest in a sturdy leather carrier for you to bring necessities like iPad, stationery, breath mints, wet tissues, condoms etc. 

Tailored Two-Piece Suit

As the saying goes, credibility lies not just in a man’s word but also in his actions… and suits. Those annual D&Ds and pedantic clients beckon. 

Classic Timepiece

Boss: “What time is it ah?”

You to yourself: “Time to impress”

Money Clip

Leave the coin pouches (not to mention, your coins) at home and get a money clip for smoother monetary transactions.

Budget Sheet (or apps)

Hey, slow down there. Looking great and being impressive is cool and all but have you checked your bank account lately? Keep track of your expenses, young money!

Stylish Tupperware

We have established that being prudent with one’s finances is pertinent. However, being prudent does not equal to being tacky. Spruce up your lunch game by having a lunch box with the kind of snazziness to match your #OOTD!

Wireless Headphones

Commuting experience enhanced with a solid pair of wireless, pro-liberation headphones. Swivel your head back and forth with ease as you listen to Daniel Powter’s favourite song going home.