Despite the grandiose notions of romance peddled by Hollywood productions and sappy Korean TV dramas, you might want to reconsider your belief in love at first sight. Science has other ideas: according to studies quoted in a Psychology Today blog post, the passion felt at the start of a relationship is often driven by lust, rather than feelings of actual love. And more often than not, love at first sight is really just a matter of you projecting your innermost feelings at the present moment onto your first encounter.

In the same blog post, the other commonly held dating beliefs that were debunked include presence of pathological liars on dating apps, attraction of ‘opposites’, preserving your perfect self 24/7 and the need to play hard to get.

Since a great many guys have jumped on the online dating bandwagon and have been plagued with the phenomenon of ‘Catfishing’ and ‘Ghosting’, it is worth noting that the veil of lies may not be as thick as you’d imagined. Research has indicated that those looking for a relationship via dating apps are aware that deceits will eventually be foiled in person, and their respective dates can simply leave for the washroom and never return.

Additionally, it was found that online daters are generally of higher socioeconomic class than their counterparts who meet partners offline. Who would’ve thought Tinder would turn out to be a pursuit of the high SES sort?