For a species that prides itself on knowing best when it comes to, well, everything, men are blissfully unaware that they might have been scraping their facial skin with rust.

American grooming outfit Schick, which introduced the all-new Hydro 5 Sense® shaving razor in Singapore last month, recently conducted a survey with 100 men on their shaving habits. The results revealed that 21% correctly answered how razor blades should be changed after every 5 to 10 shaves, but what was troubling was that 54% admitted to changing out their blades only when they can no longer use it to shave.

And they wonder why the bottom half of their mugs look like an eczema outbreak sometimes.

One other major takeaway from the survey results is that nicks and cuts are top shaving bugbears for most men, and we suppose the Schick Hydro 5 Sense® came in the nick of time.

Schick has engineered it to do most of the work for you, by imbuing it with 5 Ultra Glide® Blades, 7 Hydrating Gel Reservoirs and a Shock Absorb Technology; the latter allows the head of the shaver to adjust automatically to your facial contour as you glide, which means you don’t have to pinch, drag or contort your jawline to get a closer shave.

The Hydrating Gel Reservoirs strips at the tip of the blade, available in 2 lubricating formula choices of Coconut Oil and Herbal Extracts, has also made it possible for men to do without shaving cream.

It’s about time for your face to be a little less red with irritation and a little more rad with validation.

Schick Hydro 5 Sense® is available at all major Guardian Health and Beauty, Fairprice and Watsons outlets. Schick Hydro 5 Sense® Hydrate Kit retails at S$15.90, with both the Hydro 5 Sense® Hydrate Refills and Hydro 5 Sense® Comfort Refills available at S$24.80.