Whether you are on it to look for a lasting relationship or a one-night-only sex mate, dating apps have consumed our love lives. Approximately 1 in 5 relationships today have blossomed from them, according to worldwide statistics. In Singapore, a YouGov research found that as many as a third of the population here and 43% of millennials have engaged in dating apps.

You are (most) probably one of them, or know someone who does.

But what you may not know is that in the blinding blur of swiping, the world of online dating does present a treasure trove of information – like a Google. Depending on how you process them, you could be rigging the online dating game in your favour.

Recently, the Seriously Man team conducted a study on 100 biographies of potential female matches across multiple dating apps that explicitly (and implicitly) stated what is expected of guys. After boiling the data down to the one characteristic women desire most in the Tinderfellas, so to speak, it was found that ‘sense of humour’ ranked right at the top.

The second trait that came up the most was the ability to hold a conversation; just as importantly, women also want to see a man who can prove himself a good listener. Following close behind in terms of frequency is gentlemanliness.

So guys, you might want to start gathering your wits about you if you are experiencing a dry spell. However, possessing a charming sense of humour is an elusive art as much as it is a risk. In the #MeToo era, what used to be light-hearted sexual banter exchanged with your hot date could pass for a vague attempt at sexual harassment today – an IRL left swipe in her eyes and the law’s.

Perhaps it is prudent to go with a ‘What not to do’ approach. The Seriously Man study also shed light on the top three most undesirable traits that could damage your chances with women on your favourite dating apps:

  1. Aggressive, disrespectful openers (e.g. “Hey. DTF?”);
  2. Lack of initiative;
  3. Profiles with travel photos that look suspiciously like doctored Shutterstock images.