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What a Smart Man Does Before Asking For a Pay Raise

It’s the hardest conversation you’ll ever have with your current or potential employer about deserving more – or is it? Know your role, Jabroni We meant know your worth, in your role. But we’ll first have to start by predicating this whole thing on the one most important assumption: you’ve worked really hard. So hard…

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3 New Ways To Dress For Your Job Interviews

Compared to the female segment of the labour force, or guys in cities that actually see the mercury dip below 24 degrees, men here in Singapore are anything but spoiled for choice when it comes to going-to-work clothes. You hardly see deviations from the light-hued shirt and dark pants combination, it might as well be…

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Poll: These Are The Sexiest Occupations For Men

According to an iconic vigilante, it’s not who you are underneath but what you do (as your career) that defines you. Especially so for a man like you at a time like this. Some occupations give you stability at the expense of fulfillment and excitement. Some occupations require you to take risks every single day,…

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