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Wear This On Your Next Date And Get Lucky

It’s an open secret that wearing red increases your attractiveness and sex appeal. Numerous scientific studies have proven it and coined it the ‘red effect’. It does not hold true for women only, but for men as well. But that doesn’t mean you’re literally going to peacock in red overalls to get hot strangers hurling…

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5 Minutes With Christabel: Getting Inside Bellywellyjelly’s Mind

She dishes out refreshing lifestyle and fashion tips on her widely followed blog. She shoots for commercials. She bagged ‘Miss Photogenic’ and ‘Best Skin’ titles at the recently concluded Miss Singapore Universe 2014. Some might even say she has made it as an influencer even before the word ‘influencer’ became fashionable. Christabel, known better for…

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Forget Tinder, Try These 7 Quirky Places To Meet Women

So you’ve prowled the local taverns. You’ve scouted the dimly lit dance floors. You’ve ferreted around cafes with a book you’re never getting down to read. You’ve gone to every single one of those places Google claims is the best place to meet girls. But today, you’re still single, alone and about to resort to…

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