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The 7 Types Of Shoes All Handsome Men Own

The following are the plain white Tees and jeans of your shoe rack. They are not just nice to have, they are must-haves; if the handsomest men alive, across the fields of showbiz, professional sports and deskbound slavery, swear by them to make their literal mark on the world, you should swear off fugly kicks…

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7 Qualities Fitted Clothes Say About a Man

The discerning eye can pick out a fitted suit from an off-the-rack instantly. Same goes for everyday basics such as your Tees, shirts and sweaters. As a modern day man, you’d have something to prove both in the corporate world and in the social realm. Furthermore, people would’ve already made a judgement about you in…

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5 Minutes With Christabel: Getting Inside Bellywellyjelly’s Mind

She dishes out refreshing lifestyle and fashion tips on her widely followed blog. She shoots for commercials. She bagged ‘Miss Photogenic’ and ‘Best Skin’ titles at the recently concluded Miss Singapore Universe 2014. Some might even say she has made it as an influencer even before the word ‘influencer’ became fashionable. Christabel, known better for…

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