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Have You Been Wearing Your Shorts Wrong?

The paradox continues to baffle us; the shorts is the bread and butter of the Singaporean style uniform, yet many guys butcher it with flagrancy. That makes us want to butcher them. Look, the eternal summer here can actually be perceived as a blessing rather than a curse. It is the perfect excuse to fall…

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This Is How Your T-Shirt Should Fit, Period

You’re going to be spending a lot of your off-duty time (and on-duty, for some of you lucky bastards) in Tees. So, don’t screw it up. ‘It’ being the fit, that is. Once you find the holy grail of the perfectly fitting T-Shirt using this guide, don’t think. Buy them by the dozen. 1. Don’t…

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7 Qualities Fitted Clothes Say About a Man

The discerning eye can pick out a fitted suit from an off-the-rack instantly. Same goes for everyday basics such as your Tees, shirts and sweaters. As a modern day man, you’d have something to prove both in the corporate world and in the social realm. Furthermore, people would’ve already made a judgement about you in…

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