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6 Serious Grooming Picks To Look Your Best By X’mas

Fast forward to December. Everyone’s suddenly looking fresh and crisp, bringing their A-game to the hottest parties in town. How the f**k did they achieve that? Stop wondering and start doing. Whether you want to impress that cute Santarina(s) or Santa himself (if that’s your thing…), we’re only weeks away from Christmas. It’s about damn…

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A Fearless DIY Guide To Deforesting Your Balls

We’re settling nicely into November. That can only mean one thing: beards are out in full force. Men across the globe are growing their facial hair out for Movember, in an attempt to shed light on men’s issues including prostate and testicular cancer. Speaking of testicles and all things phallus-y, #Movember doesn’t mean you should…

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These Gross Habits Are Secretly Killing Your First Dates

Last weekend, it hit me just how grossly comfortable I’ve gotten in front of my girlfriend. ‘Grossly’ being an apt word, for I had openly dislodged a piece of booger that was distressing me with nasal irritation and breathing difficulty. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m only human. Despite being both an advocate and…

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Every Gross Grooming Fail Guys Are Guilty Of, Ranked

It’s heartening to see fresh reports and market researches pointing towards men’s grooming products as the fastest seller in the beauty industry today. It seems that men are finally taking action after we made public our adage, ‘If you fail to groom, you’re groomed to fail’. What’s not so heartening is the fact that we…

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