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Straight Outta Uni: The Career Starter Kit You Fresh Grads Need

Grats on the grad, fellas. You’ve hurled your mortarboards and nailed the interview at that brand name start-up you think you’re going to love (“how would you describe yourself?”). The time has come for you to become part-breadwinner of the family, ball out at your first job, and at the same time, recoup that eyeball jabbing sum you loaned…

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How To Have Movie Star Hair Day Every Day

It is true that the hair lends an added dimension of handsomeness to a man’s look. Except that when guys finally get down to the styling, the end result looks the opposite of an actor/musician/athlete’s ‘do they have been trying to emulate. What gives? Save for an on-demand team of personal stylists, you only need…

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3 Daily Grooming Steps Handsome Men Swear By

All right now, let’s face the facts: the reason you’re not as handsome as you hope to be is not because of underwhelming genetics, or limiting beliefs you slapped onto yourself. It’s blatant laziness. Laziness to seek guidance, laziness to find the right facial grooming products, laziness to follow through on a daily ritual of…

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David Beckham Is Here To Help You Look Handsome

With enough practice, you could probably bend it like Beckham. But more importantly, are you able to groom it like Beckham? In a collaboration with L’Oréal, former Manchester United man slash fashion icon David Beckham has just launched his grooming line called House 99. While details on the products within the range are hazy (though…

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How To Be The Handsomest Man: The 10 Commandments

Consciously or not, every man wants to be handsome. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the kind of unfair advantage that good looks gives one in life, and that is made even more so by our hyper digitalised lifestyles (i.e. recording higher rate of right-swipes). Numerous studies have suggested that attractive people are…

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How To Look Like a Million Bucks For $100 (Or Less)

According to sentiments of economic analysts, the Singapore economy isn't looking all that good for the next couple of years. But you sure as hell can. Even with a few bucks, so to speak. Looking your absolute best before you step out of the door everyday is more about what to spend on (and reading...
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