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The Idiot Proof Guide To Suit Shopping

The suit has got to be the devil, because the details matter so much more than ever. Get them right and we promise you’re on your way to Suitperstardom – be it an interview, a bro’s wedding or a ministerial speech. Blazer Fit: A suit to a woman is what lingerie is to a man –…

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How To Be The Handsomest Man: The 10 Commandments

Consciously or not, every man wants to be handsome. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the kind of unfair advantage that good looks gives one in life, and that is made even more so by our hyper digitalised lifestyles (i.e. recording higher rate of right-swipes). Numerous studies have suggested that attractive people are…

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How To Get Your Own Bachelor Pad Before 35

A bachelor pad is akin to a forbidden fruit for us guys in Singapore. Not only does our Asian-centric culture encourages us to stay with our ageing parents and look after them, housing is priced out of our reach. Chances are, condominiums remain the only viable option as new HDB flats are strictly reserved for…

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How To Build Your Own Home Bar

Every savvy gentleman out there knows how to pick his poison. We’ve watched James Bond’s all too familiar shaken, not stirred; we’ve seen Harvey Specter’s penchant for Macallan 18 scotch. A home bar is surely something every man would want to check off his to-do list, because not only does it look cool AF, sipping…

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5 Steps To Looking Handsome Instantly

Looking handsome fast may come across an exaggeration you want to believe in, but you can close the gap to said exaggeration as long as you make the effort to understand your complexion type and implement the appropriate grooming regime. You’ll be surprised at the world of difference it makes just by washing your face…

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