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9 Modern Day Man Skills You Should Know (Yet You Don’t)

At this point, I’m confident you’ve already picked up many a man skill from our savvy guy guides and The Mansplainer’s mansplanations. But upgrading your handsomeness, circumnavigating social snafus and dealing with matters of the heart are really cakewalks when your survival is threatened. Case in point: facing off a wild boar that has strayed…

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How To Be The Handsomest Man: The 10 Commandments

Consciously or not, every man wants to be handsome. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the kind of unfair advantage that good looks gives one in life, and that is made even more so by our hyper digitalised lifestyles (i.e. recording higher rate of right-swipes). Numerous studies have suggested that attractive people are…

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Top 10 Manliest Films That Never Go Out Of Style

Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011) Surely, photoshopped abs came to mind. While it is like having more icing on the icing on the cake to own a perfect set of washboard abs, a man is still defined by what he does than the way he looks. Jacob Palmer’s (played by Ryan Gosling) dapper suits have been…

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Top 5 Leading Men Drinks To Order At Your Favourite Bar

5. Martini Daniel Craig’s Bond seemed to have had a change of heart –Heineken. But it is safe to say most of us still identify 007 with his iconic “shaken, not stirred” catchphrase at the bar. At some point you probably wondered what’s the goddamn difference. In layman terms, here goes: a glass of shaken…

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