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Genial Genitals: Are You Cleansing Your Penis Right?

Since a very young age, I’ve been a voracious swimmer. I pride myself on being able to hold my breath for long periods of time. I’m volunteering this seemingly irrelevant piece of information because the first time I went down on a guy, I remember it sucked. It sucked because it stank bad. Picture yourself…

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Revealed: 9 Hottest Men’s Style Moves of 2019

If you spend a lot of time on social media – how rhetorical, of course you do. Then you should know Pinterest is teeming with recipes. And recipes for success when it comes to menswear. Before 2018 ended, they did a Google and published a prediction of the top 2019 style trends, based on search…

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12 Best Gifts To Save The Unstylish People In Your Life

Could Santa have done a better job himself? The 12 gifts (with an additional bonus at the end) that have been painstakingly excavated and lined up below run the gamut of stylish apparels, grooming goodness and man-ccessories, and they form basic building blocks for any clueless Bro, Dad, colleague and lover to have some clue on…

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