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What To Wear To Save The Goddamn Planet

Contrary to what came to your mind when you first saw the headline, it has nothing to do with donning a cape and mask. Nor is this about the slow fashion trend. This is our reply to Harrison Linder’s reply to a TODAYonline article about climate change. TL;DR: The writer outlined a missing piece of…

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Report: More Men In Singapore ‘Dying’ To Get Hitched

In a surprising turn of events, single men in Singapore are fast ditching the ‘men age like fine wine’ rhetoric as they race to couple up and tie the knot. Over the last two weeks, in two separate news features published by The Straits Times, statistics released on the population underscored how Singaporean women are…

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Seriously Man: What Makes Great Writing?

Yesterday, in light of Reader’s Digest’s Trusted Brands Awards gala, we put the feelers out on Instagram Story and polled readers on whether Seriously Man makes a trusted brand for good writing. An overwhelming 81.9% voted ‘Hell Yeah’. To the remaining 18.1% who voted ‘No Way Jose’, Team Seriously Man says, no harm, no foul;…

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Study: Top 3 Traits Women Love About Guys On Dating Apps

Whether you are on it to look for a lasting relationship or a one-night-only sex mate, dating apps have consumed our love lives. Approximately 1 in 5 relationships today have blossomed from them, according to worldwide statistics. In Singapore, a YouGov research found that as many as a third of the population here and 43%…

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STUDY: Love At First Sight Is Really Just Lust

Despite the grandiose notions of romance peddled by Hollywood productions and sappy Korean TV dramas, you might want to reconsider your belief in love at first sight. Science has other ideas: according to studies quoted in a Psychology Today blog post, the passion felt at the start of a relationship is often driven by lust,…

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