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9 Modern Day Man Skills You Should Know (Yet You Don’t)

At this point, I’m confident you’ve already picked up many a man skill from our savvy guy guides and The Mansplainer’s mansplanations. But upgrading your handsomeness, circumnavigating social snafus and dealing with matters of the heart are really cakewalks when your survival is threatened. Case in point: facing off a wild boar that has strayed…

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3 Daily Grooming Steps Handsome Men Swear By

All right now, let’s face the facts: the reason you’re not as handsome as you hope to be is not because of underwhelming genetics, or limiting beliefs you slapped onto yourself. It’s blatant laziness. Laziness to seek guidance, laziness to find the right facial grooming products, laziness to follow through on a daily ritual of…

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This Is How Your T-Shirt Should Fit, Period

You’re going to be spending a lot of your off-duty time (and on-duty, for some of you lucky bastards) in Tees. So, don’t screw it up. ‘It’ being the fit, that is. Once you find the holy grail of the perfectly fitting T-Shirt using this guide, don’t think. Buy them by the dozen. 1. Don’t…

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