You’ve looked to Hollywood stars for #inspo on looking great, but can’t quite get the look on point. Sometimes, the answer could be in the neighbourhood. 

No, not that middle-aged immediate neighbour hanging out at your HDB corridor, we meant stylish guys in neighbouring Asian cities. Don’t forget that no matter how much of a banana we are, we’re fundamentally Asian, and for better application, aspiring good lookers among you guys should really be stealing and absorbing style/grooming masterstrokes from the best that the East side of the world has to offer.

We’re here today to impart these findings to you. You’ll want to keep tabs on this one.

Seoul, South Korea

Even if you’ve been living under a rock, you’d have some semblance of how Korean men take grooming pretty damn seriously. The K-dramas and K-pop ‘yellow fever’ has been so widespread, it’s even made its way to the United Nations, and perhaps it’s high time you started riding the Korean Wave.

Korean men aren’t afraid to rock audacious hairstyles and slap on BB cream. You’ll be surprised how practical some of them may be, even for your day job. And of course, not forgetting the dewy ‘photoshopped’ skin that would trigger a woman into a jealous rage.

Tokyo, Japan

And onto the streets of Harajuku and world of J-pop idols, you’ll find men who are unafraid to mix bold patterns. If you see Japanese men with a fashion magazine in hand, they’re probably not reading for fun. They study trends within the pages to cultivate their own intricate sense of style.

So what are you waiting for? Get down to read our style and grooming guides ASAP!

Dating back to the 80s during the rise of Ametora (“American traditional”), when Japanese men idolised Ivy League styles, Japan has always been ahead of the fashion curve. Their sensibility when it comes to accessorising is also a great lesson in doing up your #OOTD without being overly attention seeking.

Taipei, Taiwan

If men’s style stalwarts such as GQ and Esquire have both planted their flags in a city, handsomeness secrets must be abound. Much has changed since the predawn of J-Wave and K-Wave, when Taiwanese hunks with wavy mops of hair kept the ladies squealing to their soppy romance dramas (Meteor Garden, anyone?).

These days, leading men like Wu Chun, Chen Bolin, Aaron Yan and Godfrey Gao are setting the precedence for modern day Taiwanese guys, with a much more clean-cut and suave presence.

If there is another presence that is keenly felt in Taiwan, it’d be what the pretty Korean boys are doing to their grooming; it was reported that Taiwanese men are increasingly lapping up cosmetic products like foundation and BB cream.



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Mumbai, India

When we mentioned Hollywood earlier, you didn’t think about the other ‘wood’ did you – Bollywood.

Indian men have hair and beard maintenance mastered to the T, and you should look no further than Mumbai – home to Bollywood – for ideas on how to keep your hirsute-ness in check.

A calming aftershave for your frequent face scrapping, restyle-centric clay for voluminous head of hair, beard oil for thickening stubs (if that’s what you’re going for) – keep these grooming tools close if you want to achieve Maharaja-level handsomeness.

Hong Kong

From the Four Heavenly Kings to the latest TVB stars like Ruco Chan and Vincent Wong, the screen kings of Hong Kong have given Hollywood stars a run for their money with their forever-young mugs.

Aaron Kwok’s secret may surprise you – he alleges that it lies in your mentality: “If you stay positive, you will look happy and when you are happy, you feel young. And you will look young.” He also prescribes a healthy diet and regular workouts (high octane dance moves optional) to defy and deny the effects of ageing.

But no matter how powerful your mind and hips are, we hope you’re sensible enough to understand they should work in tandem with a bulletproof grooming regime.