The very first print magazine you came into contact with was most likely Reader’s Digest. That’s assuming you can still jog memories of your primary school days, when everyone was auto-opted in to a Reader’s Digest subscription. It was a hot read – not to mention, somewhat pocket-sized – before the whole digital media shebang lorded over our generation and we forgot what it was like touching a paperback.

You’ve probably had a ball of a time flipping first to the ‘All In a Day’s Work’ jokes column, so you could humour yourself for a little while before the humdrum existence in the classroom hit. Or you might be one of those budding sapiosexuals who would whip out a pencil and take a shot at the foxy vocabulary challenge.

Etched deep in our childhood memories, Reader’s Digest nourished our young minds with plenty of food for thought and we are only all too familiar with that. But #ICYMI, Reader’s Digest has not only cemented itself as the quintessential print (and now digital as well, of course) we all can trust, it has also been stamping seals of approval for consumer brands in its annual Most Trusted Brands Awards ceremony. Entering its 20th anniversary, Reader’s Digest held the Singapore edition of the awards gala at Conrad Centennial.

Platinum and Gold Trusted Brand Awards were given out to a mix of prominent local and international consumer brands across 50 categories of goods and services. You might have heard of the likes of these: Apple, BreadTalk, Canon, Citibank, Din Tai Fung (ha, ha, enough with the DTF jokes), New York Skin Solutions, NTUC Fairprice, Pilot, Tiger Beer and more. With such a seal, you as a consumer can make your purchasing decisions less painful because it means you can safely put your chips on them for quality, reliability and assurance.

The results were determined after more than 2,000 people in Singapore participated in a research survey to offer their opinions, attitudes and perceptions towards consumer brands. Reader’s Digest has been surveying ordinary consumers the last 20 years in a bid to find out what makes a brand truly trustworthy.

“Over the 20 years that we’ve been doing the Trusted Brands survey, one thing has remained true – a brand’s long-term success depends on building and maintaining reliability, consistency and being genuine,” says Louise Waterson, Group Editor of Reader’s Digest Australia, New Zealand and Asia. “Trust plays an important role in helping consumers decide which brand to choose. Consumers want to align themselves with excellence that being a trusted brand represents.”

The men behind Seriously Man are relentless in our pursuit of handsomeness and wokeness – you know that – and we don’t deny that like any other regular guy (or gal), we rely quite a fair bit on material necessities and wants to get there. Given we’ve put ourselves in a semi-guru position to dish out nuggets of wisdom on manly affairs, it behoves us to, similarly, align ourselves with trusted brands so we’re only recommending the best stuff.

The following picks are some of the outstanding winners that gave us one more reason to trust in them as modern day guys, and so should you.

Banyan Tree (Gold Award for Spas)

You’re not falling into the lap, but the very heart of luxury at Banyan Tree resorts when you try one of their spa sessions to escape life.

Blackmores (Gold Award for Vitamins/Health Supplements)

It’s a black hole of wealth deficit if you don’t sustain your health, guys.

Citibank (Gold Award for Credit Card Issuing Bank)

With the renowned Gourmet Pleasures dining deals program, the foodies among men should know which plastic to apply for.

Dyson (Gold Award for Air Purifier)

You’ve probably heard about the legendary hairdryer that gives you rockstar level ‘do. Now, be acquainted with its other MVP that actually makes you less sick.

King Koil (Gold Award for Mattress)

A man at his best is when he’s had his best rest.

Kleenex (Gold Award for Tissue Paper)

Girls back in school used to say boys who carry tissue packs in their shirt pockets are SNAGs. We suppose Kleenex could make you the best kind of SNAG.

LG (Gold Award for Fridge & Washing Machine)

Putting together a proper semblance of adulting lifestyle starts with top quality home appliances.

Montblanc (Gold Award for Pen)

Million dollar ideas are meant to be penned down with the patron saint of the written word.

Nanyang Optical (Platinum Award for Optical Store)

Singapore’s largest optical retail chain delivers prescription glasses that make your peepers look and feel good – for over 50 years and running.

Pilot (Platinum Award for Pen)

“Brands like Pilot Pens share those special moments throughout a person’s life – marking achievements such as passing exams, graduations, new jobs, and retirements. There’s an emotional connection to the brand.” – Louise Waterson, Group Editor of Reader’s Digest Australia, New Zealand and Asia

Royal Caribbean International (Gold Award for Cruises)

Marine voyages that are chockful of out-at-sea entertainment and environmental consciousness.


You could tell the time, but time would tell you this is durability, practicality and rich history assembled on a wrist.

Shangri La Hotel (Gold Award for Hotel)

It Trumped all other hotels in Singapore.

Swensen’s (Gold Award for Family Restaurant)

You’re going to be a family man at some point.

Yun Nam Hair Care (Platinum Award for Hair Treatment Center)

98.7% of customers reportedly saw improvements in their hair and scalp condition.