While owning your own elusive bachelor pad here in Singapore remains a pipe dream, there’s no reason to stop yourselves from getting some interior decor inspirations, right? Because you know, sometimes pipe dreams do become reality. In case you do, you’d want to pimp your pad up like how motor enthusiasts pimp their rides, before proudly showcasing your new asset to envious guests. In a collaboration with Lookbox Living Singapore, Team SM presents the top 7 bachelor pad interior design ideas which will make anyone not want to leave once they’re in.


The “Wayne Manor”


Warm and classy with a tingle of romance. Yet, the mellowness also lends an air of mystery. Perfect for the gent who likes to keep a low profile about his nightly operations.

A New Hierarchy:  http://www.lookboxliving.com.sg/project/a-new-hierachy/


The “Shire”


Quaint, rustic and calm; A sanctuary for the laboured.

Seeing Green: http://www.lookboxliving.com.sg/project/seeing-green/


The “Neat Freak”


Everything about this pad says organised, clean and tidy. The man behind this home very likely has his sh*t together.

Breaking the Pattern: http://www.lookboxliving.com.sg/project/breaking-the-pattern/


The “Library”


Nerdy, intelligent, knowledgeable but oh-so-attractive.

Storage Matters: http://www.lookboxliving.com.sg/project/storage-matters/


The “Tony Stark”


Playful, randy, promiscuous and all set to have fun.

In the Club: http://www.lookboxliving.com.sg/project/in-the-club/


The “Mr Smith”


Sophisticated, masculine, and elegant. The contemporary gent who appreciates the finer things in life is going to feel right at home here. Literally.

Black-Tie Affair: http://www.lookboxliving.com.sg/project/black-tie-affair/


The “Cosmos”


Upscale, swanky and rich on the borders of confidence… and maybe touch of snob. But who cares right? If you got it, flaunt it.

An Individual Take: http://www.lookboxliving.com.sg/project/ana-individual-take/


“Top 7 Best Bachelor Pad Designs” has been done in conjunction with LookboxLiving SG