It’s an open secret that wearing red increases your attractiveness and sex appeal. Numerous scientific studies have proven it and coined it the ‘red effect’. It does not hold true for women only, but for men as well.

But that doesn’t mean you’re literally going to peacock in red overalls to get hot strangers hurling themselves at you. One, red may not be for everyone. The introverts, for one, may squirm at the attention.

Two, taking a page out of our old economics textbooks, there’s the law of diminishing returns at work. The ‘red effect’ could wear out over time.

How To Not Wear Red And Still Appear Sexy AF

If you’re anything like the gents here at Seriously Man, who are stubborn sticklers for classic, neutral hues of black/white/grey/navy, we have breaking news: colour is not the only thing you can play with. You could also bank on the material of your sartorial choices to, similarly, amp up others’ perception of your attractiveness.

Yes, in other words, the literal Boyfriend Material might actually exist.

Where To Find The Boyfriend Material

We have it on good authority that the tactile equivalent of the colour red are clothing made out of knit fabric. Based on the team’s institutional knowledge, clothing of such a nature, namely sweaters (or its underdressier cousin, sweatshirts), is a stylish if not overlooked step-up from the T-shirt and jeans routine and is great for a first date – especially for balmy evenings or a musical at a frigid theatre.

Secondly, it flat out looks cosy and chill as hell, like you’re a highly seductive walking sofa bed.

Also, based on the team’s combined shopping experiences, it was observed that both window and serious shoppers at major fashion retailers usually caressed or lingered on knitwear longer than the other apparels in the same category.

The Great Knitwear Experiment

We enlisted the help of a gentleman from our lot of Seriously Man readers, Jackie (whom we understand is extremely active on dating apps), to participate in an experiment. He would complete as many dates as reasonably possible, as long as he alternated between a basic crew neck T-shirt and a lightweight sweatshirt from a streetwear brand that we loaned him. We favoured it over a full-on knit sweater to avoid aggravating his sweating problem.

The logistics of the dates were kept constant: a casual dinner at a well air-conditioned bistro. He was allowed to base his results off previous dates if he had worn something similar.

At the end of four dates with four different ladies, the great knitwear experiment yielded the following:

  • The two dates where Jackie showed up in a basic cotton Tee went well by his standards.
  • The two ‘knitwear dates’, by comparison, recorded higher engagement rate. One of the ladies initiated a question on where he shopped and the number of ladies he was seeing off the app, among other questions that grew increasingly intimate.

While on the topic of intimacy, his knit sweatshirt seemed to have worked to great effect and invited progressive arm grazing from his other knitwear date, according to Jackie. “The funny thing is, we haven’t even started drinking our cocktails. By the end of the night, I thought I had to surgically remove her hands from me!”