Wrestlemania is just a few short moments away. The 34th anniversary of WWE’s household pay-per-view extravaganza features a massively stacked card that might prove to be exhausting along the way, but we’re going to sit through anyway. There is much to be answered: we know Roman Reigns is already tipped to seize the Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar, but how exactly is he booked to topple a Beast who cannot be toppled?

Daniel Bryan is making a miraculous return to the ring after being medically cleared to wrestle again. Is there going to be ring rust after a three-year absence? Who will take over his role as Smackdown Live’s new General Manager?

Is the yellow fever going to hit WWE for real now, if Shinsuke Nakamura puts his knee to ‘The Phenomenal One’ AJ Styles’ face and becomes the new WWE Champion?

Will Taker answer Cena’s challenge?

The wrestling fanboys in us are sure to be geeking out over the unfolding of Wrestlemania 34. But for now, we want to put the spotlight on something outside of the in-ring action and geek out over WWE superstars’ style – bet you didn’t know that wrestlers are your unexpected style icons. #ICYMI, WWE has decided to give itself the red carpet polish in this new era, and these larger-than-life athletes have since traded in their spandex gears (OK, so they still fly around the ring in them) for sharp-as-tack suits and covetable streetwear you’d yell ‘YES!’ to.

Hell, there’s even a tag-team duo named Breezango who performs their own ‘Fashion Police’ skit!

For regular viewers of WWE programming, you don’t have to trawl social media or subscribe to the WWE Network’s reality TV productions to notice the ‘professional’ part of ‘professional wrestling’. Just watch wrestlers – ahem, excuse us – superstars like The Miz strutting out to the ring on Monday Night Raw to cut a promo (wrestling jargon for a non-action sequence, whereby a superstar would grab a mic and address the audience or his opponent) in three piece suits.

For part-time (and no-time) viewers, you’d only have to get used to the burgeoning pattern of WWE superstars crossing over to Hollywood, which would warrant a certain level of style game from these guys. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is prime Exhibit A.

Granted, these guys have the kind of unholy physique that makes them look real swell semi-nude as they would fully clothed. You could only dream about it as you feel the overwhelming need to hit the gym. But as for stealing inspirations from them and making it your own?

That can be a reality.

Finn Bálor

The first ever Universal Champion was voted sexiest male wrestler of the year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. When he visited Singapore last year for the launch of PHANTACi x WWE collection at Orchard Gateway, he was quizzed on what he usually wore outside of the ring. The leader of Bálor Club revealed that what he wore on that day itself, a black polo top, dark denim and sneakers, is exactly his off-duty style.

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Seth Rollins

It is product placement at its best; at every show, WWE superstars would parade down the ramp in their merchandise, before hurling their T-shirts into the crowd. Seth freakin’ Rollins is one of them. If we had to pick a man from WWE who wears T-shirts freakin’ well, it’d be The Man himself. It is no secret that he is a diehard practitioner of Crossfit, and the way his lean, mean cut fills up a T-shirt is completely on point.

The Miz

People really hate The Miz. Even he himself said it: although he’s been hustling in the WWE for 12 years, he still gets no respect. But that’s because he played the heel (wrestling jargon for the bad guy) A-lister persona a tad too well. We bet he’d be willing to put aside his snarky retorts for once and agree with us when we say that he is one of the best dressers – if not the best – in the WWE. That, despite being accused of stealing the gimmick from Chris Jericho…

Chris Jericho

…who pioneered the suit-wearing, slow-talking movement. And you know what happens when you disagree with that statement, you stupid idiot?

You just made the list!

We’d say ditch the fugly scarves though.

Shane McMahon

Unlike The Authority, the Smackdown Live commissioner has a knack for casual-ising his outfits with a jacket over a henley, and of course, his Air Jordans. We don’t expect you to collect limited edition sneakers and wear a different pair every day, but we highly recommend you look into henleys – the handsomer version of a T-shirt.

Daniel Bryan

Shane’s tag-team partner at Wrestlemania 34, Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan, is regularly spotted in flannels and Dad jeans while reprising his non-wrestling role. The latter is a resounding ‘NO!’ to us, but feel free to cop his top. There’s something inherently manly about showing up in a checkered flannel with rolled up sleeves, like you’ve just come back from a wrestling match with a human eating wildlife.

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Corey Graves

Corey Graves is the only member of the commentary team who flits between Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live. Let’s just say that his wits at the announcers’ desk is only as sharp as his tailored suits.

Corey Graves, if you happen to be reading this, we seriously dig the pocket square choices and air tie look. Give us the number to your tailor, now.

Triple H

When you go from 14-time WWE Champion to Chief Operating Officer, your suiting decisions could easily become a trainwreck because you’ve been too used to motorcycle jackets, jeans and wrestling trunks. Yet, the COO has managed to rock his power suits in a way that compels others to bow down to The King.

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Dolph Ziggler

He’s here to show the world how damn good he is at pulling off the blazer over graphic Tee and sneakers get-up.

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Dave Batista

Batista is no longer with the WWE but during his tenure, he didn’t just stand out with his heavily muscled frame that’d put a bodyguard to shame. He was a stylish champ who made his presence felt with James Bond-ish suits (he did play Mr Hinx in the 2015 James Bond sequel, Spectre) and aviators, and being picked up by Hollywood must’ve been an easy decision.