We’ll admit it. Guys being guys, we spend an inordinate amount of time with women – women who are as gorgeous as they’re witty – only because we love milking their brains on the kind of men’s style that would win them (and their hot friends) over.

And who are we kidding? They simply make damn good company.

In this edition of our must-see, must-read 5-Minutes interview segment, Yumika Hoskin takes the hot seat. If she comes across a familiar face, that’s because she’s graced the cover of FHM Singapore July 2014, and hosted for MTV productions and Singtel Mio Stadium show Premier League Express. Oh yes, she can Bro out with you about the 4-4-2’s as well as she can turn you into a good-looker: Yumika does count Fashion Stylist as part of her multi-hyphenate.

It’s time for Yumika to give you the Eureka.

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Let’s do some ice-breaking, Yumika.

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia with two brothers. I’m the middle child. As you might know from my descent, my mother is Japanese while my father is Australian.

I was always a very creative, artistic child and that eventually led to my interest in fashion as well as modelling. While I was studying fashion at RMIT University, I started freelancing as a fashion stylist. But I had an itch to model overseas and see how far I could take it.

Taking a hiatus from school, I eventually decided to pursue modelling to scratch the itch. My first association with Singapore was competing in a reality TV competition called ‘Supermodelme’. From that experience, I found a love for interacting with the camera and projecting my personality. The producers on the show suggested I had the talent to become a TV Presenter in Singapore, and two years later, here I am, doing just that.

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What’s a day in the life of Yumika like?

I wake up, make a light healthy breakfast and meditate for 10 minutes. Meditation has made a huge difference in my life – it improves my energy for the day ahead.

If I don’t have modelling castings or hosting duties in the morning, I’ll stay in bed and watch TED talks or motivational videos on personal development, business, or creative content. I hate it but I do check my Instagram to perk myself up if I am still sleepy.

Following that is a workout in town using Guavapass. Every day is a different workout: it ranges from boxing, HIIT, barre to something random like swimming at hotel pools. Yeah, it’s awesome. Then I go to a cafe with my laptop and do some work as I never get any done at home.

Later in the afternoon I’d head home for a shower and get myself ready for an event. It could be the latest store opening, product launch or food tasting. The food ones are my favourite! Once I get home it’s time to do my beauty regime, get into my PJs by 8:30 – 9pm and Netflix.

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As you might know, Seriously Man is big on the idea of effortless style, grooming and handsomeness. What’s your take on guys’ sense of style here in Singapore? (Describe it in a word, if you’re up for the challenge.)

One word eh… T-shirts.

Anything that makes you tick?

I know it’s hot in Singapore here guys, but a little more effort is always appreciated. If you’re going to wear a t-shirt, accessorise subtly with a minimalistic necklace or a vintage banded watch.

If plain is your style, why not some cool kicks? Surely your feet won’t get that hot!

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Most overlooked grooming move for guys?

I noticed a lot of men don’t fuss over their skin too much. Beautiful skin is sexy and I notice it straight away when I meet someone.

As we sweat a lot here, a cleansing session, exfoliating once in a while and moisturising day and night makes the biggest difference. Guy friends of mine who follow a routine and have personal favourite products have a confidence about them. Plus I get jealous when they have better skin days than me!

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When you cross paths with a guy, what’s the very first thing you’d notice?

Are you looking up from your phone? Good. What shoes are you wearing? Ooo, they’re cute I want them. Omg are you wearing Chanel blue cologne? I need to take a second look at you.

Name the worst fashion disaster you’ve ever seen.

Recently I went to a luxury watch event. I appreciate watches, especially vintage ones and those who collect them. However, this one guy was wearing TWO different Rolexes – coloured ones by the way – on each of his wrists. Sorry buddy, that is not cute.

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If there’s a male role model that guys should look up to, (in terms of handsomeness or confidence) who would that person be?

I like a lot of different styles, not just one look. I think Joseph Gordon Levitt has a great classic dapper look. Another classic is Tom Hiddleston. Gosh, I would love to style him!

But for a completely different look, I love Jayden Smith’s attire and aesthetic too. He’s really modern and fun and even I want to copy his looks sometimes. A great Instagram account for style is @iamgalla. He covers most looks.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, guys.

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